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Why choose my services?

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Because I am:

  • one of the very few interior designers (especially in Bulgaria) who constantly stay on top of new design trends, not just materials, products and innovations. In this way I can add value for my clients. Being up to date, or even foreseeing upcoming products or trends, helps you to design outside the box.

  • creating well-being while representing the client’s ideas - my design solutions are result of the above knowledge combined with deep understanding of client's needs, tastes and problems and our collaboration leads to unique interiors. Not just creating a meaningful space that fulfills the needs of the inhabitant and optimizes their space, good design should entice, stimulate, relax, entertain, fascinate - that is what I am looking for in my projects.

  • can See Your Project Through From Start to Finish

  • have designed bespoke kitchens and furniture quite successfully and I am looking forward to do it for you, too :)

Having specialized in and many years experience with Interior design and Journalism, along with Digital Marketing & Content Marketing I can be of real help for your on-line presence, too. I like to tell stories of good design

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