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The kitchen is the heart of the home

How does a modern kitchen look? It is not looking like a showroom any more, but like a warm centerpiece to the home, a low-maintenance oasis of calm.

The kitchen is where the most welcoming atmosphere of our home should be because we all often gather there. This was a major trend before the pandemic, but now even more kitchen becomes one of the most important parts of our homes and cooking and healthy eating gain growing interest.

That is why kitchen design is very important. It requires exact measures and perfect projects, so that implementation will be done in the best possible way. And this is my work as interior designer. But we work together with each client in the process of creating the design in order to make the best choices about the position of each area, the materials and colors we use.

We all have different tastes and way of living, different spaces for the kitchen, so my kitchen designs are quite different, but they all have one thing in common - they all are comfortable and made of good quality materials, so even the smallest of my kitchens is such a warm center of the living space:

Natural materials and neutral tones complement space-saving innovations and functional features:

Low maintenance is important when you create a vacation home - here I have used granite countertop and quality laminate for a very small kitchen:

Custom design with best quality materials is my idea of luxury - a timeless piece of furniture functional and elegant can make your home unique:

Each of my implemented kitchens is different and corresponds to the clients' style preferences. And they can have a masculine or feminine atmosphere:

Just a few of my implemented kitchen designs.

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