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The Magic with Wallpaper

Актуализирано: 24.02

There is a comparatively easy way to freshen up any space, even bathrooms - with wallpaper. It can be ordered to measure with your own photo or you can choose from numerous thematic designs. But the more easy way is to order a large canvas print or poster, like I did for this dining room:

In my projects I also use wallpaper to visually separate the different functional zones in an open space:

- a textile bamboo wallpaper separates the kitchen from the rest of the living room:

- a decorative fiberglass wallpaper defines where the area of the dining room starts:

But the real magic starts in kids' rooms. An inspiration from Photowall's great selection:

Textile wallpaper is also a great way to make a bedroom cozier. Call us! The phone number is at the top left corner of the homepage, or you can send us a post here:

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